Bilge Pumping Systems

Shower Drain

A compact, full-capacity shower drain system. Automatically turns on after the water starts and shuts off when the water is removed. Activated by a non-mercury Rule-a-Matic Plus Float Switch. Available with one or three inlet ports which offer varying combinations of inlet hose. Other features include a clear screw-down cover, a removable strainer for easy cleaning and an internal check valve to prevent back flow.

Intake Fitting:

3/4"x1" (19mm x 25mm) Stepped

1-1/8"x1-1/2" (29mm x 38mm) Stepped

Model Description Dimensions (mm) Volts Fuse Discharhe Price
98B 800 GPH (3028 LPH) 140x210x241 12V 5A 3/4" (19mm) 171.75 €
98B-24 800 GPH (3028 LPH) 140x210x241 24V 2.5A 3/4" (19mm) 215.02 €